Winners Announced: Campus Wild UCT Photography Competition

We are delighted to announce the winners of our 2023 Campus Wild UCT Photography competition. We invited you to send us images of the campus observed, of other-than-human species engaged on the campus. We received many wonderful images and are immensely grateful for your participation. It was a tough choice, but we chose the following four finalists for images that we felt spoke to the context, site and to the entanglement of human and non-human campus life. The winning image is Charlene Christian’s “Starling”. We enjoyed the colour and composition of the bird enveloped by the upper campus aloe, and want to acknowledge Charlene’s astonishing enthusiasm, sending us images almost daily. The runners up are Sabrina Robert’s “Romanic Picnic” of starlings negotiating an apple, Ian Rijsdijk’s image of a Forest Buzzard atop the rugby field lights and Niclas Baur’s “Ceroplesis capenis”,  a gorgeous image of a Cape Longhorn Beetle above the rugby halfway line. Congratulations everyone and keep sending images for our Instagram site!

An exhibition of fifteen of the top works will be shown alongside other images of the campus observed in August. Details to follow.